You can expect the time between placing and order and receiving your meat to be three to six months. Aberdeen beef. How do I place an order? Call or email us and we will discuss availability and options. Currently 4 weeks old. ~Whole animal $7.05/ lb dressed weight (475-600 lbs - approximately $4000). Grass-Fed or Grain-Finished Beef Georgia . We use only the most proven genetics for tenderness and taste. total of Ground Beef/hamburger in 1 lb. These genetics have been time tested and developed by using leading technology and more than 100 years of combined knowledge. We have 5 strong huntaway boys for sale. 1/4 beef for sale. Feed your family Quality beef without hitting the pocketbook quite so hard! Find Local Beef Choose Local with Minnesota Grown Beef 22 grams of protein in every 3oz 123 Minnesota Grown Beef Farmers Buying local: Custom Processing Buy a quarter, half or whole cow for custom processing. I run the website, manage orders, and help out on the ranch on weekend and holidays. We require a $100 non-refundable deposit to place an order. We are accepting half & whole beef deposits for February Delivery 2021! Currently 4 weeks old. Bigger beef = more bang for your buck. Credit/Debit Accepted. Vacuum sealed and inspected. The average price of a Quarter Beef ranges from $613 – $800 based on an average-sized beef. You'll get between 350-450 lbs in your freezer depending on your cutting instructions and size of your whole animal. Throughout the year cash in […] Quality beef from a smaller breed of cattle that is affordable. We sell our bulk beef on a first-come, first-served basis and encourage you to reserve your beef early so you don’t miss out. Get your order in today. It will be deducted from your final balance. COVID-19 update: Due to high demand current turnaround time is 7-9 months – from order till pick up. Wyoming Pure can ship half and quarter beef packages. For a 1/2 a beef, you will need a 7 cu ft. freezer. My interests are environmental stewardship, customer relations, and providing a great tasting product. Our beef are varying in size from 1200-1400 lbs. Your cost may vary based on the weight of your beef. We’ve raised cattle for 40 years with the last 15 of those as a 100% grass fed and finished operation. The Georgia Beef Company is known throughout Atlanta and North Georgia to produce some of the best grass-fed beef available. These quantities are based on 1 inch thick steaks. I’m a part-time cowboy with a job in the city. The steaks are packaged 2 steaks per package. Email address: . We require a small deposit of $75 to reserve your Quarter Beef. Ready for pick-up. Approximately 12-15 cubic feet of freezer space required. 19 lbs Round Steak (can be tenderized) 1 steak per package. Includes number of Packages as follows: 3 Sirloin 2 Round 5 T-bone 9 Rib-eyes 5 Roasts 4 Ribs 40 lbs. Beef & Cattle Grain-Fed Beef for sale: Whole Beef or 1/2 Beef. A half beef includes approximately, 8-10 Tenderloin Filets, 10-12 New York Strip Steaks, 10-12 Rib Eye Steaks, and 10-12 Sirloin Steaks. Work with your butcher to get the cuts you want in addition to ground hamburger.