A 1. açmak – to open, turn on (light or machine) Usualy uses acusative case. “I make thank”). Please turn on the television. 1. ben yapıyorum — “I do” 2. sen yapıyorsun — “you (singular) do” 3. o yapıyor — “he/she/it does” 4. biz yapıyoruz — “we do” 5. siz yapıyorsunuz — “you (plural) do” 6. onlar yapıyorlar — “they do”Example: Ne yapıyorsun? (What are you doing?”)Heads up! I opened the door. It’s used, for example, in the expression, Teşekkür ederim — “Thank you” (lit. Turkish has many single … Turkish Single Syllable Verb List A Vocabulary of Turkish Verbs. Telewizory açsana. Men gapyny açdym. Biz täze magazin açdyk. Learning the Turkish Verbs displayed below is vital to the language. Turkish verbs are words that convey action (bring, read, walk, run), or a state of being (exist, stand). Turkish Verbs. 2. aglamak – to cry Usually uses “üçin”. We opened a new store. In most languages a verb may agree with the person, gender, and/or number … 501 Turkmen Verbs . There’s another verb that means “to make” or “to do”: etmek.