The Allswell Luxe Hybrid demonstrates a dedication to quality and successful sleep. Allswell Luxe Classic is a hybrid bed featuring many layers of foams over a coil system. Allswell does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations. The bed’s minimal conforming ensures couples don’t sink too deeply, allowing them to use the entire surface of the bed. Customers looking for a mattress with a responsive, medium-firm feel should consider the Allswell Luxe Hybrid, while people with different firmness preferences may opt for the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid instead. However, both models have earned comparable performance ratings across most categories. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid offers minimal conforming, though heavier individuals say it alleviates pain and pressure very well. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid is also more responsive, which makes it better for sex, but the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid isolates more motion transfer. Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress Review: Our Verdict The Allswell Luxe is a versatile hybrid mattress that features a high-quality construction for its low price point. Allswell Luxe Hybrid ratings from our lightweight testers were somewhat mixed. We encourage all mattress shoppers to compare different brands and models in order to find the best option for them. Others are nearly silent. Side sleepers felt cushioning in pressure-sensitive areas, such as the hips and shoulders, but the mattress was a bit too firm for some. Allswell currently holds a ‘B+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Uneven alignment often causes pressure points to develop. Next, let’s take a closer look at our performance ratings for the Allswell Luxe Hybrid. Quilted Top Panel with 1″ Gel-infused Foam. The top panel is quilted with 1 inch of plush, gel-infused foam to provide extra cushioning for sleepers, but overall the mattress is fairly firm. Both mattresses are very low-priced compared to the average hybrid model. As a result, the mattress sacrifices comfort layer thickness and closer body-conforming for better overall support and a firmer, more responsive feel. If your a heavier sleeper who requires an even surface with minimal sagging, this bed will likely suit your needs. The testers also switched positions to see if pressure increased when lying on their sides, back, or stomach. Like the Allswell Luxe Hybrid, the Nectar has a medium-firm feel. The T&N Mattress has a medium-firm feel like the Allswell Luxe … However, the hybrid’s coils may begin to squeak and creak more frequently as the mattress nears the end of its lifespan. Each model is made with foam-quilted covers, 2-inch foam comfort layer, and strong pocketed coil support system. Read our full Allswell Supreme Mattress Review. The bed’s coil layer promotes strong airflow to help keep the interior cool. Several factors affect temperature neutrality, including material composition, layer thickness, and dissipation of heat through airflow. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid has a medium-firm (6.5) feel. In some cases, mattresses may sink when weight is applied. Heavyweight sleepers generally prefer medium-firm to firm mattresses. The Allswell Mattress also features a memory foam comfort layer that conforms to a minimal extent, and each model provides very good temperature neutrality thanks to strong airflow in the coil layer. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid has been available to the public for less than two years. As a result, we have not had sufficient time to test this model across the average mattress lifespan of six to eight years. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid is constructed with a copper-infused memory foam comfort layer, a high-density polyfoam transitional layer, and a pocketed coil support core. The Saatva is a luxury innerspring model with a coil-on-coil design consisting of a pocketed minicoil transitional layer over a thicker bonnell coil support core. Certain mattresses – particularly those with coils – can be quite noisy when bearing weight. Among our testers in the average weight group, the most positive ratings for the Allswell Luxe Hybrid came from back sleepers. The hybrid also has a thicker coil system. To evaluate the Allswell Luxe Hybrid for motion isolation, we asked two testers to lie down on the mattress at the same time. The copper infusion is intended to help the bed feel temperature-neutral, as copper has natural cooling properties. To evaluate edge support, our testers in different weight groups sat along the perimeter of the mattress as an owner might do when getting in and out of bed. Our testers noticed some faint off-gassing smells when unboxing the Allswell Luxe Hybrid. Pressure relief was somewhat better for those who weigh at least 130 pounds. We don’t expect any long-term odor issues with the Allswell Luxe Hybrid. Both models have comparable price-points, which is to say both are very affordable compared to the average hybrid model. Read on to learn all about the Allswell Luxe Hybrid. Owned by Walmart, Allswell is a mattress and bedding accessory brand that’s been in business since 2018. However, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid offers better edge support due to its thick coil system, and the bed’s springy surface makes it much better for sex than the T&N Mattress. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid is ideal for couples who prefer firmer, more responsive beds for sex. One notable difference between these two models is responsiveness. To learn more about our review process, read our methodology here. The Allswell Supreme also isolates more motion transfer for couples. This creates a floating feeling akin to sleeping “on” the mattress. Like many competing hybrids, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid offers very good temperature neutrality and is a great choice for people who sleep hot.