Earth Shock, Hex, or Plague of Murlocs can be used to significantly improve the SN1P-SN4P Warlock matchup. Therefore we ensure the correctness of a submitted deck by cross-referencing it with the cards that were played in the game itself. When you go to HSReplay and click on the “ Meta ” tab, you’ll be presented with a list of the best to worst decks in the current meta. It wasn’t odd to see a turn 4, To sum up, the three rules for mulligans are. For this article, we’ll use Murloc Paladin. During the mulligan, it’s important to ask: is this card good by itself or good with any of the other cards I’m presented with? Shudderwock does all sorts of cool nonsense. In the mulligan, prioritizing removal for Lab Partner is significant. This plan can change depending on what cards you get in your mulligan. HSReplay's Worst Class to Legend - A Guide to Galalock. Zola the Gorgon is one of the best value generators available to shaman due to its cheap cost and strong synergy with quest completion. This quest is fairly easy to complete without making many sacrifices in the early game (excluding, notably, a card in the mulligan). If a card has this note set and we have never seen it before during the game we exclude it from the initial deck. The HSReplay stats are reasonably straightforward. This caused a point of contention between pro players. We fixed an issue on that resulted in some cards showing misleading statistics in Mulligan Guides. A lot of work sure! For this example, we’ll click on the first list, and we’ll automatically be shown the mulligan stats as follows: This is laid out exactly like the previous Mulligan Guide page except it’s specific to one deck. Great article. As Bomb Warrior, your main goal is to stabilize the board and regain tempo while keeping your life total as high as possible. It wasn’t odd to see a turn 4, To sum up, the three rules for mulligans are. Some cards may be good enough to keep on their own like Secret Keeper, Going back to the stats rule, you can use this new context rule to try and figure out if you should keep, The final rule accounts for your overall gameplan. We use this together with data from the game itself to power our Mulligan Guides on This issue affected our global and personal Mulligan Guides on for the rows belonging to this card: The following cards were also affected, but none was played in a deck eligible for a Mulligan Guide at the time of writing: The issue manifested itself primarily through incorrect values in any of the columns belonging to the affected cards. Though it should begin with a disclaimer stating that the features described require a premium subscription:/. Watch and share Hearthstone replays directly from your web browser. The cards displayed at the top of the table will be the most important ones to keep in your opening hand. If we click on Murloc Paladin, we’ll get to the general stats page for that deck along with the tab labelled “Mulligan Guide”. 50+ restarts on mulligan, got kabal lacket+mana bind on mulligan only 2 times, first time missed the win for 1 mana. Jade Cards can be used to build a different Quest Shaman list, but don’t fit in this one without removing too many strong cards. The most popular Warrior archetype in most ranks of play right now is Bomb Warrior, followed by Control Warrior. This mulligan guide will be slightly different from most, instead of giving out arbitrary lists of keeps and tosses, I’m going to help you better understand what you want to do in each match up, and what cards can help you accomplish that. It should look as follows: Here we can see each card along with its stats for each of the 6 columns. Sludge Slurper is a key tool for completing the quest, and provides quadruple value after quest completion because lackey battlecries and Slurper’s own battlecries are all doubled. Whether it is users who haven't set any deck, are overriding or forgot to unset their deck, are reconnecting or spectating a game with a wrong deck, or are using an old version of their tracker: Any of these may cause data quality issues that result in incomplete or outright wrong deck lists. There are some slight exceptions to this, however. In this game I am able to repeatedly stall, push chip damage, and answer any threats played by a Reno Mage who has an early Frost Lich Jaina. This game shows how Shaman is able to simultaneously out-tempo and out-value control decks like Reno Mage. Level up your Hearthstone with written guides! As the random pool of transformed cards is very large and it is therefore very unlikely for any card to be randomly created a significant amount of times, we were unable to detect any skew in even the least played legendary cards and spells. Remember, be flexible, mulligan with a specific gameplan in mind, and then play with the cards you have not with the cards you hope to draw. While Archivist Elysiana also replaces your deck it does so differently: Elysiana first removes all cards from your deck, then for each of the choices creates the three choice cards outside of the game, and after you pick a card it moves the chosen card into your deck together with a second copy of it. Meanwhile, Prismatic Lens has an 80% win rate and is kept 100% of the time. For example, let’s say we’re playing against Hunter and we are going first. You may also notice some new options on the left-hand side of the page: If you want to know specific mulligan stats when playing against a certain class, then you can choose that class from the “Select Your Opponent” box. Use that data to help with what cards to mulligan and what cards to keep. Take a look at Darius Crowley for example, which has the second lowest mulligan WR if you're going first (left) but one of the highest if you're on coin (right). Interview with Peter Whalen and Liv Breeden. Don't get me wrong--I'd never fault any player for wanting to know how to play better or any service for wanting to inform players. There is still much to learn without it though! ( Log Out /  Crystology: 1 mana to draw 2 cards is an outrageously powerful card.Most Mech Paladin players keep it every time. Cards like Azalina Soulthief work by actually moving your current hand out of the game and granting you new cards. I was Just stoked to play and even more stoked when I won haha. I have been a premium member for quite some time! HOWEVER- now I really love these stats on hs replay. For that, we need to click on the “Popular Decks” tab, and there we’ll see all of the different deck variations like so: If you are looking for stats specific to your deck, you will want to click on the list that matches yours or at least gets close to it.