Sometimes the seasoning is so strong, you can hardly tell what the main ingredient is. Boil them over medium-high heat for about 10 mins, covered. In a clean pot (I used this braising pot), add the chicken, sauce and the water. Korean Spicy Chicken Stew. Korean Food: My Love Language. Chicken thigh meat slowly simmered in a Korean stew mix featuring onions, garlic, honey sesame oil, light soy sauce and Korean Pepper for that addictive fiery taste! 3. This spice is great because it enhances the flavor profiles of the other ingredients. Just enough to cause a sweat or clear your nose if you are sensitive to any level of spice. Spicy Korean Chicken Stew – Amazing and super yummy sweet and spicy chicken stew recipe made with gochujang, coconut sugar, garlic, soy sauce and chicken stock. Dakdoritang (Korean Chicken Stew with carrots, colored potatoes and green chili peppers) ... It’s not like I am against red, spicy dishes but sometimes, even as a Korean, I get tired of eating dishes that kind of taste the same – spicy, sweet and salty all at the same time. When you see how easy this amazing sauce is, you’ll want to cook everything with it! 2. Where I am, what I’m doing, where I’m going and what I am teaching my children. Drain the water. 1. Once it’s rolling boiling, parboil the chicken for 1 minute. It is definitely not mild, but not overwhelming. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life. It’s one of the first “shareworthy” dishes that beginners’ cooks learn how to make in Korea. In Korean, this famous stew is known as Dakbokkeumtang or Dakdoritang. So delicious and so easy to make! The spicy Korean chicken stew has a nice kick. How to Make Spicy Korean Chicken Stew. This Korean Chicken Stew with Gochujang Sauce comes together easily, all in one pot, with only 15 minutes of prep. On medium-high heat, boil some water (5 to 6 cups) in a medium sized pot. In the combo:- Korean Spicy Chicken Stew- Three-grain Rice- Mini Salad- Focaccia Bun One of my pet peeves for spice is when it overwhelms everything else. Boneless chicken thighs and spinach in a savory, sweet, spicy, garlicky chili sauce that’s to die for!