Storage Unit Size: 10 ft. X 25/30 ft. plus additional space as needed. These include: U-Haul International, Inc.'s trademarks and copyrights are used under license by Web Team Associates, Inc. No worries. This space can store up to 4 bedrooms or use it to store a vehicle. Want to learn more about why HDPE plastic lockers are the best choice? most storage units can be loaded vertically to the full 8-foot height. Storage Unit Size: 5 ft. x 10 ft. or 10 ft. x 10 ft. PODS Container Size: 12 ft. X 8 ft. or 16 ft. X 8 ft. PODS Container Size: 16 ft. X 8 ft. or 16 ft. X 8 ft. and 7 ft. X 8 ft. can pack into a self-storage unit or portable storage container. These are the questions that you need to answer before heading deeper into your locker journey. They’ll stand up to the pressure and the elements. Fits contents from a 1 to 2-bedroom apartment or small home (3 to 4 rooms). The 10’ x 30’ storage unit is large enough to house an entire household of belongings, including and up to a fully furnished 4 bedroom home and garage. you’ll need, most people are pleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff they This guide offers tips, tools, (We’ve included rental trucks because you’ll need a way to haul your stuff if you’re not using a portable container.) YES! Options range from a storage locker, 5 x 5 storage unit and up to a 10 x 30 storage unit. Generally the most common storage unit at any indoor facility, the 10’ x 10’ storage unit has space equivalent to ½ a standard one car garage. Depending on the configuration of a storage facility, units may be built differently to accommodate the different size needs of its community. If it’s in a corridor, you can probably get away with the full-length lockers that line the walls. When you’ve picked out your designated locker area, you’ll want to be sure of the exact measurements of where you plan on putting these storage compartments. Download The Ultimate Guide to HDPE Plastic Lockers, from your friends at Scranton Products. First, you need to figure out how many lockers you actually need based on occupancy. In most cases as well, a 5’ x 10’ door is going to be 4’ while a 10’ x 5’ room is going to have an 8’ door, meaning a wider opening to help bring your stuff in. Practical for college students, apartment residents, or people looking to downsize. Storage Unit Size: 10 ft. x 20 ft. or 10 ft. X 25/30 ft. You also The important thing is to have big enough lockers to accommodate the students’ or occupants’ items, as well as having enough for each occupant. While it’s hard to visualize how much space If you’re choosing lockers for a specific locker room, you’ll need to keep up with maintenance. 12" Wide See-Through Metal Lockers; 15" Wide See-Through Metal Lockers; Metal Locker Options & Locks; Locker Benches; Open Access & Gear Metal Lockers. The lockers measure 17 inches deep by 49 inches wide by 17 inches high (43 cm x 124 cm x 43 cm). Site designed by, PODS allows you to cancel the order and get a full refund, moving and storage container vs. a self-storage unit, Luxury Atlanta Apartments: 6 Midtown and Downtown ATL Communities That Will Knock Your Socks Off, Our Best Tips on Hawaii Moving and Relocation Services, Rental Truck Size: Slightly larger than the standard one-car garage, this 10’ x 25’ can be found at a climate controlled facility or as a drive up. We define them as reduced height storage units. Constructed with durable steel with louvered doors for ventilation. W x 78 in.,, Locker Dimensions: Choosing the Right Sized Locker for Your Space, 10 Reasons You Need HDPE Lockers in Your School, resistant to scratches, dents, and graffiti. HDPE can stand up to moisture because it won’t rust or absorb the humidity and sprout mold. This solid plastic is resistant to scratches, dents, and graffiti. Air-Cushioned Ride®, (ALL) - 11.23.2020 at 11.9 - from 1.338.2, Renewable Propane Arrives at U-Haul Autogas Locations in California, Storing Extra Inventory & Office Supplies, Major Appliances (Washer / Dryer / Refrigerator), Remodeling a room and need to move items out, Housing apartment or small home for short term move, Boxes of Clothing / Paperwork / Household Items, Exercise Equipment (Weight Sets, Treadmill, etc), Boxes of Household Items / Clothing / Kitchenware, Storing household furnishings during renovation, Home Office Furniture (Desktop, Chair and Shelving), Boxes of Clothes / Household Items / Kitchenware, Storing household belongings during deployment, Extra warehouse space for small businesses, 26 ft. Moving Truck + 5' x 8' Cargo Trailer, Exercise & Sporting Equipment (Treadmill, Bikes, etc), Boxes of Clothing / Household Items / Shoes, Storing belongings in between home closings, Additional warehousing space for businesses, 26 ft. Moving Truck + 6' x 12' Cargo Trailer. There are a number of less standard lockers that are offered by various manufacturers. Using smaller lockers can allow you to maximize the number of lockers; however, it’ll reduce total locker space. But if you’re planning to put these lockers in an enclosed area, you’ll want to carefully figure out your setup. H x 18 in. Otherwise, it’ll just require a different configuration when you’re moving into your unit. Last updated: July 15, 2019 and storage for up to an 800 square foot space. This means you can still fit the same amount of stuff! As you use this guide, remember that the sizes of your specific belongings and how you pack and load will make a big impact on how much you can fit in a space. Storage Unit Size: 10 ft. x 15 ft. or 10 ft. x 20 ft. PODS Container Size: 16 ft. X 8 ft. and 7 ft. X 8 ft. or Two 16 ft. X 8 ft. Our 10’ x 30’ can also be used to store recreational vehicles. Available for local moves or storage only. Metal lockers have been the traditional choice for many years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re without drawbacks.