We're happy to help. And, of course, how they can help you on your journey to health and wellbeing! privacy Rambutan has about 36.4 mg, and lychee has around 27.6 mg. Colds beware! But if it leaves a little tartness, then it’s probably a lychee. It is closely related to several other edible tropical fruits including the lychee, longan, and mamoncillo. They are both also sometimes made into sweets, like candies, jellies, and more. Before you get to eating these sweet fruits, you have to know how to open them. It’s also rich in vitamin C, with a 100 gram serving containing 40% of your daily recommended dosage. With 3 grams in a 100gram serving as opposed to 1 in lychee, rambutan is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your stomach satisfied to boot. That is, if you bought them fresh and not canned. You can do this by cutting a slit into the flesh of the lychee or rambutan, being careful not to cut the seed. Its flesh is slightly firmer and not as sweet as lychee. Rambutan originally came from both Malaysia and Indonesia. Frequently Asked Questions gifts Rambutan tree is usually 12-15m (470-590 inch) high with oval single-leaf and reddish-colored tops. That being said, rambutan is still a great addition to a healthy diet. Once peeled, rambutan’s and lychee’s flesh look really similar, but they taste different from each other. Living your healthiest lifestyle with GreenBlender. Rambutan translates from Indonesian to literally mean “hairy”. Both fruits have high vitamin C content per 100 gram serving. Both of these fruits are perfectly edible fresh off the tree. I’m sure you can see why. If your lychee or rambutan has a freestone, you can just pop the seed right out after cutting a slit into the flesh. faq As if you needed another reason to add this tasty treat to your diet, lychee is abundant in vitamin C, boosting your immunity and protecting your body from free radicals. But despite their similarities, these fruits are quite different in terms of taste and nutritional profiles. Plus, both taste sweet and delicious…you really can’t go wrong! But I digress…. Both fruits also have a small bit of fiber to them. The shell of a lychee can be easily removed by cutting or cracking it open and peeling the shell pieces off. It has small scaly bumps instead of spines, which makes it much lower in the running for the title of “Fruit That Probably Came From Another Planet”. And if you have a lychee or rambutan that has a clingstone, you can eat the flesh around the seed, making sure not to eat the seed itself. From a nutritional standpoint, lychee is a slightly healthier choice, boasting fewer calories, greater benefits, as well as the superstar ingredient, oligonol,. The rambutan is native to the Malay-Indonesian region, and other regions of tropical Southeast Asia. The best part though is that it’s covered in long, green or red hairs or spines. VibrantHappyHealthy.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. If you’re of the legal drinking age, then I’ve heard that another way to enjoy these fruits is by plopping them into a cocktail. They are weirdly fun to hold, and I have spent entirely too long fondling these in the store. Once you know the differences to be aware of, you can easily tell the difference between rambutan and lychee. If what you ate tastes sweet and creamy, it’s probably a rambutan. Lychee and rambutan are both sweet tasting, tropical fruits that look strikingly similar. Rambutan has a red outer skin but what’s most noticeable about it is the hair-like prongs all around the shell that’s coloured somewhere between neon green and orange. Rambutan is slightly higher in calories than lychee, but it makes up for it by its fiber content. Rambutan is the size of a golf ball, whereas lychee is a little smaller. Rambutan closely resembles lychee with its red-colored skin, but is actually part of the Sapindaceae family and is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. Oligonol has several antioxidant and anti-influenza virus effects including, increasing production of nitric oxide and thus improving circulation, helping to neutralize free radicals, protecting cell health, helping to decrease fatigue and improve endurance, aiding in weight loss, and inhibiting the enzyme of collagenase, and therefore, promoting skin health. They are more like the soft plastic bristles you might find on a hairbrush. Think bumpy and rough chicken egg. But despite their similarities, these fruits are quite different in terms of taste and nutritional profiles. Mangos, rambutan, and lychee were brought to this area of the world by the Spanish during colonial times when ships would come and go between the Americas and Asia. These weird hair-spines make it a firm competitor for the grand tile of “Fruit That Probably Came From Another Planet”. Rambutan’s exterior is red with long hairs or spines all over, while lychee’s shell is a lighter red or pink with small scaly bumps. affiliates I aim to provide well-researched and unbiased reviews, share delicious juice and smoothie recipes, and answer all types of questions you might have about smoothies and juicing and the juicers and blenders to go along with them. Knowing these things may help you to discern their individuality at a glance. menu A freestone seed means that the seed can kind off fall right out of the flesh, like I do in the morning when I try to get out of my bed. While both have white flesh inside, rambutan tastes sweet and creamy, and lychee has a sweet and tart taste similar to a red grape. The sun dried lychee is well known as lychee-nut and this was the only form in which lychees were available prior to about 1950. The Lychee is a tad bit smaller than the rambutan. recipes What’s the difference between rambutan and lychee? Both rambutan and lychee have similar health benefits, with only a few differences between them. The benefits of lychee are numerous, which isn’t surprising coming from a fruit whose name means “gift for loyal life.” Lychee is rich in dietary fiber, helping you to keep your digestion running smoothly and efficiently. You can taste this delicious treat and reap all the healthy benefits by sipping on our Lychee Ginger Smoothie! A lychee is typically smaller than a rambutan is, but both have large seeds that should not be eaten. Just remember that they taste slightly different. Again, much like an egg. This is a very egg-like food that is also somehow not an egg at all, which I guess is a good thing. about Refreshingly cold and tasty! After popping the fleshy bit out, you need to remove the seed. The trees on which they are grown do not reach nearly as tall as the ones lychee stem from, growing to only about 10-20 feet in height. I know, this isn’t exactly the healthiest option, but they can add a nice flavor to your drink, and I figured I’d share. How can you tell the difference between lychee and rambutan flesh? It has a red outer skin as well but the skin is rough. Rambutan and lychee look different when whole, with rambutan having long hairs all over it, and lychee being bald and bumpy. Any questions? You may also crack it open with a walnut opener if you don’t mind your walnut opener getting sticky. They also both have a large seed in the center, very unlike a hard-boiled egg. They both grow on trees that originate from areas in Asia. While they may look the same on the inside, they have a discernible taste difference from each other when eaten fresh. Not as fun to hold as a rambutan, but great for hiding in your pockets if you want an odd snack for later that will really freak out your friends. As far as fruits are concerned, these guys aren’t so bad. Lychee has also gone by the names litchi, liechee, liche, lichee, lizhi and li zhi. It won’t take more than a glance or a quick grope to figure it out. terms. The taste of a lychee is more tart than sweet, and it has been described as tasting more on the crisp side, similar to a red grape. The name also refers to the edible fruit produced by this tree. press The most immediate difference between rambutan and lychee would be their shells.