His body was also unique in nature, with his broad shoulders, wide back, and tiny waste. 3. The Shocking Then And Now Photos of The First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners. ", Arnold has won an impressive SEVEN Mr. Olympia titles and he hosts the second largest body building competition in the entire world, The Arnold Classic. However, this hasn't left him short of controversy. Interestingly, he had the second smallest waistline in the competition's history and he won all three of his titles clocking in under 190 pounds! Quite a difference the years have made. These nicknames were, obviously, due to his impressive physique and dashing good looks. Browse more videos. With 7 Mr.Olympia titles under his belt, he currently hosts the second biggest bodybuilding competition in the world, the Arnold Classic. He also helped popularize the preacher curl, or what some lifters now refer to as the “Scott Curl.”. However you can see this photo of him at an impressive 70 years old, still looking fabulous and fit. Playing next. A long time training partner and friend of Arnold, they regularly trained together even though they stepped on stage and had to compete against each other. At 270 pounds in the off season and standing at only 5’10 (compared to Arnold who was much taller), his competition weight was 240 pounds with striations and cuts everywhere. So where is Olivia today? While these bodybuilders looked good in their prime, not everyone has had that luck. 5 Mr. Olympia Legends -- THEN and NOW. Sergio Olivia was always more commonly known as "The Myth," and looking at his photos it adds up. Today Zane runs his own website and appears regularly in book signings and seminars and is 74 years-old. Most of the times, …, Smartphones have truly become the Swiss Army knives of handheld …, The First 5 Mr. Olympia Winners, Then Versus Now, A Guy Edits His GF’s Forehead To Look Bigger After They Fight And Its Hilarious, 12 Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do. In the moment, he called for a "return to the Golden Era," where men had, "flat stomachs, striated chests, and ripped abs," were considered champions. 2 years ago | 28 views. He was a three-peat champion winning in 1967, 1968 and 1969 where he beat the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. The one-time champion is also a trained opera singer and the first openly gay Mr. Olympian. What's also interesting about Olivia is the controversy that surrounds him. He retired after his second Olympia win at the tender age of 28. 1. The former college point guard then defended the title six consecutive times. He has since turned to personal training and working with athletes like boxer Evander Holyfield. Brandon Curry brought home the title in 2019 at 36, going into the competition as the favorite after a dominant showing at the year's Arnold Classic. The preacher curls exercise (invented by Gironda) was eventually named after him: the Scott curls. Known as ‘The Myth’ and also a 3-time Mr.Olympia winner, Sergio Oliva was a Cuban native who was able to leave Cuba due to his weightlifting career. As evidenced by these pictures, Scott possessed some impressive biceps even up to 60 and 70 years old. Italian body builder, Franco Columbo is perhaps one of the "smallest" well-known body builders, clocking in at only 5'4". Olivia was a relatively short 5'10" and in the off season clocked in at 270 pounds, his competition weight was a big difference of 240 pounds. He was nicknamed ‘The Legend’ and ‘The Golden Boy’ for his impressive physique and his good looks. What is today known as "the Scott Curls," was a move originally invented by Vince Gironda and was known as "the preacher curls exercise," until it was re-named in Scott's honor. Discovering bodybuilding at 14 when he spied a muscle-building magazine in the waste basket of his high school math class, Zane would sculpt one of the most proportioned physiques in the history of the competition. BodybuildingPro. As a teenager, Oliva fought against Fidel Castro’s army. However, he later settled for a whopping $1 million settlement as compensation for his injuries. Search. As an actor and producer, Arnold could help Franco find acting roles. Have a look at the first 5 Mr.Olympia winners then and now. Not only did he win three times, but it was three years in a row: 1967, 1968, and 1969. In fact, professional body builders from all over the world enter his competition if not for anything more than to have Arnold himself take a good look at their physiques and offer an honest and genuine critique! Oliva got his nickname ‘The Myth’ due to his unbelievable physique and the jaw-dropping response he would usually receive when he stripped down. Probably THE most famous bodybuilder of all time is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Originally gifted with a narrow physique he had to work to build up his shoulders and back to create the illusion of width and the v-taper that is so sought after in bodybuilding. Unfortunately he passed away on March 8, 2014 due to complications with Alzheimer’s. More often than not, Franco and Arnold would be standing next to each other, trying to out pose the other all the while knowing each other’s strong points and weaknesses. Here are several bodybuilders who dedicated their life to bodybuilding and as a result reached a pinnacle of the sport and won the Mr.Olympia trophy. Report. He's also a philanthropist, author, producer, and businessman. There are not many things on this planet that will reward you with exactly what you put in. Fun fact, his "tiny" waste was the thinnest in Olympia history! Olivia did not win the Mr. Olympia title in 1972 but many, including the actual winner himself (the Arnold, according to Olivia,) believe he should have. Oliva Jr., who has quite literally big expectations to fulfill, is expected to compete on the IFBB stage in the coming years. Bodybuilding is one of the very few things that will reward or punish you with whatever you give it. Not solely because of his body building, of course. He called for a return to the Golden Era where men with flat stomachs, striated chests, and ripped abs were considered champions. Of course, they both have won titles and that's why Franco is on this list. Known as ‘The Myth’ and also a 3-time Mr.Olympia winner, Sergio Oliva was a Cuban native who was able to leave Cuba due to his weightlifting career. Have a look at the first 5 Mr.Olympia winners then and now. Over the years of competing together, Franco and Arnold would stand next to each other during competition, well aware of their friend's strengths and weaknesses, trying to "out-pose" each other. Franco was Arnold’s best man in his marriage to Maria Shriver and their friendship has been going strong ever since. He entered American competitions in the early '90s and would dominate Mr. Olympia for the better part of the decade. Just like Olivia, Arnold had his own nickname based off his physique. That's impressive, to say the least. Frank Zane is truly a bodybuilding legend. Standing just 164 centimetres tall, Franco Columbu was one of the shortest bodybuilders ever to step on stage. Sure, everyone knows Arnold, but there have been 14 other muscle men who have flexed their way to Mr. Olympia fame since 1965. He is thought to have one of the smallest waist measurements of any Mr. Olympian. In the article below, I take you though the steps I took along the … Looking back, it is fascinating to see what men have been capable of for 5 decades but what really gets our gears turning is wondering what exactly 50 years did to the "perfect" bodies that once won awards and awed nations. Known as ‘The Myth’ and also a 3-time Mr.Olympia winner, Sergio Oliva was a Cuban native who was able to leave Cuba due to his weightlifting career. Yates began powerlifting while serving time in a youth detention center in England. After placing second to Coleman for years, Cutler finally unseated the king. Unfortunately, Oliva died on November 12, 2012 at the age of 71 due to kidney failure. Winner of both the very first and second Mr. Olympia titles, Larry Dee Scott was appropriately nicknamed both, "The Legend," and "The Golden Boy." After racking up 8 consecutive Mr. Olympia wins (besting Arnold’s record), Haney retired at the age of 31. The title of "Mr. Olympia" is awarded to the winner of this impressive competition … Zane's low weight was definitely a focus against the common grain body builders were into. Franco came in fifth place in the World's Strongest Man Competition in 1977 but had to drop from the race due to an injury obtained during the "refrigerator race." Due to his wide back, broad shoulders and tiny waist (the thinnest in Olympia history), he was truly a sight to behold. The title of "Mr. Olympia" is awarded to the winner of this impressive competition and it's not very hard to see why. Article by Atchuup. Watch fullscreen. Past winners Shawn Rhoden and Phil Heath were absent from the competition, however, setting up a potential three-way battle for the crown in 2020. This focus he had on light weights created a truly iconic physique that is still heavily sought after. Here are the first 5 Mr.Olympia winners then and now. He also was no stranger to the nickname game every other man on this list has had.