There are also several cultivars of lettuce produced by mixing these popular lettuce types, … Butterhead Commonly known as cabbage or round lettuce, this prized lettuce is utterly mild, crispy, and tender. Plus, it has a softer, less bitter, flavor than its redder cousins. This plant was probably selectively bred by the Egyptians into a plant grown for its edible leaves, with evidence of its cultivation appearing as early as 2680 BC. Buy 'Blushed Butter Oak' Seeds (Seed Library), Top of Page Initially, the leaves spread out, but as time passes, turn to a compact head when the plant reaches maturity. Lettuce, annual leaf vegetable of the aster family. Ahead, you’ll find 15 different types of lettuce, ranging from iceberg and Boston to Bibb and endive, worth making room for in your diet and your fridge. Unlike other lettuce, its seeds can germinate in temperature as high as 80 degrees F. It’s a slow grower with leaves not turning bitter even after the plant reaches maturity. Given its seasonal name, the green- and red-tinted lettuce fairs especially well in warm weather and won’t wilt like many other lettuces might in this midst of hot, humid weather. The leaves are crisp, tender, and sweet with the lighter, inner leaves being the crispiest. Some of the other names by which tatsoi goes by are “rosette pakchoi”, “broadbeaked mustard”, “spinach mustard”, “spoon mustard”, and “tat choy”. They believed that doing so will help stimulate their digestion and improve their sleep quality after meals.  |   Romaine lettuce is hale and hearty and is the ubiquitous lettuce in a Caesar salad. This is the reason why Min used to consume lettuce as a holy food for improving his sexual drive. Let’s learn more about the different lettuce types. This twisted, curly, frizzled green is endive, and has all the bright bitterness and delicious crunch that goes along with that family of greens. We are affiliates of Seeds Now. The texture of the leaves is somewhat buttery with pale green outer leaves and yellow-green inner leaves. It is also packed with iron, calcium, powerful antioxidants, and vitamins like vitamin A, C, K. Belonging to the family of Amaranthaceae, spinach is an edible plant that is native to central and western Asia. French Crisp or Summer Crisp), Photo © PhotoAlto/Laurence Mouton/Getty Images, Photo © Maximilian Stock Ltd./Getty Images, Photo © Ryoji Yoshimoto/Aflo/Getty Images, Putting to Rest the Chicory-Endive-Escarole Confusion, 10 Fresh and Tender Spring Greens for Salads, Polish Wilted Lettuce Salad (Salata z Boczkiem). I don’t know how conventional farmers manage to make them so tasteless—heading lettuces grown organically have flavor, not just crunch. Although it is small in size, it offers impressive advantages. With a multitude of colors to choose from and adaptable to extreme climatic conditions, it is a worthy garden companion. You'll often see it in \"baby lettuce,\" mesclun, and spring mixes because of its tenderness. These long, sturdy leaves are yet another option for wraps, and the traditional lettuce used for Caesar salad. This flowering plant only takes 70 to 75 days to mature and isn’t difficult to maintain. See cut- and- come-again harvesting for more information. Just like the Greeks, the Romans made the most of the medicinal properties of lettuce. See Growing Lettuce for information on how to grow lettuce. Due to its smooth texture, this variety of lettuce is named “butterhead”. Buy 'Drunken Woman' Seeds (Territorial Seeds). It has pale green leaves near the core, and shades of rose through the middle, deepening to red at the edges. This versatile lettuce works well with all kinds of dressings and is a must-have veggie in salads. It has striking green leaves shot with red patches (similar to ‘Speckles’ butterhead above) and is very tender for a romaine. Also Read: 31 Types of Succulents You didn’t Know About. Americans termed the long-leaf lettuce “Romaine” which is also known as “cos” or “cos lettuce”. Radicchio is a staple in Italian cooking which explains why this red beauty is often called “Italian chicory”. Watercress, with a botanical name – Nasturtium officinale, is quite an overlooked variety of lettuce that promises numerous health benefits. NOP (National Organic Program) guidelines allow the use of non-organic (but not GMO) seeds when organic seeds for that variety are not available. If you are a vegetarian, then it is great news for you, right? Some like its sharp, bitter taste which is why they prefer to consume it raw while those with a simpler taste palate can cook them with other sweet ingredients to balance out the overall flavor. Nevertheless, knowing what they are can help add some much-needed variety to your daily greens intake—and we’re here to help. Use cress as soon as possible, removing any yellowed or wilted leaves. Lettuce, also known as Lactuca sativa, is undoubtedly the world’s most popular salad plant. Ballade. Excellent bolt resistance. This is why endive is a must-have ingredient in salads; one bite of it and you will take endless pleasure in its solid crunch and twist. rocket) has dark green leaves and a peppery flavor. Also going by the name French lettuce, it’s resistant to heat. Plus, they were tall and erect in shape. The historic natives of Egypt not only consumed the leafy lettuce but they also utilized its wild seeds. It is believed that this type of lettuce was first harvested on the Greek Island of Cos which pretty much explains why it has been named “cos”. Most lettuce varieties are eaten fresh and are commonly served as the base of green salads. Mesclun literally means mix. Buttercrunch Lettuces are crosses between butterhead (bibb) and romaine varieties. Buy 'Mervielles' Seeds (Territorial Seeds). Doesn’t turn bitter till it forms a flower stalk. Mizuna is an Asian variety of mustard greens. 3 Bibb Lettuce The five varieties of lettuce that can be grown in the garden include the following: ‘Skyphos’ (45-50 days) is one of the most beautiful lettuces we’ve grown.  |   Frisee (pronounced as “free-zay”) is one of the varieties of endive. You have entered an incorrect email address! Whether you look forward to your favorite salad recipe at lunch every day or you like to add greens to your sandwiches, there’s a good chance that you’ve tried different types of lettuce.  |   Romaine lettuce was given its name by the ancient Romans and is the chief ingredient of Caesar salad. If you are planning to grow your own oak leaf lettuce, then plant its seeds in your vegetable patch, a garden box, or your terrace.