We carry the popular badge style noise dosimeters and traditional handheld dosimeters that are both easy to use and preconfigured to collect data for documenting compliance with noise exposure regulations in the workplace. Veteran Owned Business A wall mounted noise warning sign that lights up when the sound levels are too high. These sound level meters and noise dosimeters are available to rent. Data is downloaded via PC or your smartphone using built in Bluetooth connectivity. For occupational and general noise surveys. Now lighter, smaller, more accurate, and with an improved user interface, the only instrument you need to take into the field just got even better. Rental of sound level meters and basic noise meters for general purpose noise measurements, alarm testing and office noise surveys. A true full featured noise dosimeter, the dBadge2 features a color graphical LCD display, real time user adjustable alarms, and is capable of simultaneous A and C weighted measurements. Has real-time Octave and 1/3 Octave Band Filters. Optional Items: Boom Microphone, QuestSuite Professional Software and DB9-Infrared download cable. Landing Pages | Ideal for use in entertainment venues and marquees to help control the sound levels. Did you know that Equipco also sells used equipment? RAE Systems PIDs are known worldwide for their incredible reliability, accuracy, and features. Warn staff when it is time to reduce noise exposure. We at Premier Safety are committed to your health and safety. Rental of hand-held sound level meters and weatherproof noise monitors for both short and long term outdoor noise surveys. For monitoring noisy neighbors and other noise that needs an audio record to help identify the source. The CR171B Optimus Green is a Type 1 Integrating, data logging sound level meter for environmental noise surveys. The GEM5000 is the latest in the line of Landtec's GEM landfill gas analyzers. Data logging with reporting software included. A Type 2 Sound Level Meter for basic noise surveys and occupational noise measurement. With real-time Octave and 1/3 Octave Band Filters. Kit includes a CEL620 Integrating Sound Level Meter and Calibrator. The Noise Pro DLX has many programmable settings to serve a variety of applications. … All Rights Reserved. More COVID-19 Details >. A wall mounted noise warning sign that lights up when the sound levels are too high. Settings can be auto-configured to meet specific regulatory standards by simply selecting the standard's name from a list of pre-defined setups. Kit includes the meter, calibrator and software. The kit includes the CEL242 Logging Sound Level Meter, Calibrator and Carrying Case. Featuring 5 doseBadge 5 Noise Dosimeters, you can carry out assessments without risk of tampering or damage. Inventory positions remain strong in categories not directly impacted by the pandemic. Choose from 25 toxic sensors, 3 PID sensors with a 9.8 eV lamp option, and even a gamma radiation sensor. Noise Dosimeter Rentals Our noise dosimeter rentals make compliance with OSHA and many other regulations easy and efficient. Copyright © 2004–2020 EQUIPCO Rentals Corp. and EQUIPCO Sales & Service Corp. Whether you need calibration standards, tubing, or other supplies like gloves and labels, we stock everything you need to finish the job. Rental of sound level meters and noise dosimeters for workplace noise assessments in line with OSHA, ACGIH and other occupational noise regulations. Terms of Sale | A Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter for occupational noise measurements. Give Feedback | Contact Us | Kit with ten dBadges for monitoring the noise exposure of multiple workers at the same time. Kit includes an Optimus Red Integrating Sound Level Meter and Calibrator. Type 1 Meter, Calibrator and Software. A wall mounted noise warning sign that lights up when the sound levels are too high. Stores the sound levels for download to a computer. Our high quality field supplies, including NIST traceable calibration solutions and gases, come at significant savings over manufacturer brands. Noise reports are generated using the included software. With a hand-held sound level meter you measure the sound level at each location and use this with the length of … The Noise Dosimeter Hire Kit is designed for personal noise exposure measurements. Casella CEL 350 Personal Noise Dosimeter Kit Rental. An outdoor noise monitoring kit for environmental noise surveys, boundary noise, construction noise and general industrial noise surveys. 16 different sensors are available providing for hundreds of configuration possibilities. Professional kit for environmental health officers, housing associations and noise consultants. Measures Lavg and Peak along with Octave Band analysis. Green means the noise is OK, yellow when it is getting high and red means too noisy. Contains Type 1 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator, Software, Weatherproof Case, Outdoor Mic. Includes 10 dBadges, Calibrator, Charger and Software. A wall mounted noise warning sign that lights up when the sound levels are too high. An all new sensor design manages to achieve excellent accuracy while being more robust then previous models and remaining economical. The MiniRAE 3000 is the latest flagship model featuring the widest range of any handheld PID available and built in correction factors for over 200 compounds. Clips onto workers to gather personal noise dosage data for OSHA or ISO compliance. Powerful datalogging stores OSHA or ISO parameters and even logs the time history of noise for future analysis with the included software. call 1-888-234-5678. RKI’s Eagle 2 is an advanced portable gas detector capable of monitoring up to six sensors simultaneously including a PID. Learn More. Description keyboard_arrow_down. Measures and stores workplace parameters for OSHA or ISO, Simultaneous C and A weighted measurements, Collects parameters for the selection of hearing protection. Privacy Policy, Information for Government Buyers For sales orders please Specifications: Powered Air Purifying (PAPR) & Supplied Air (SAR), Quest Technologies QC10 Calibrator-Rental, Operating Temp: 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C). The dBadge noise dosimeters are ideal for measuring the worker's daily noise dose, while the hand-held meter can make more detailed manual checks. Are you looking to rent/hire a noise dosimeter? Two types of instruments measure noise exposure, (1) the sound level meter, that measures the intensity of sound at a given moment and location and (2) the noise dosimeter, which stores sound level measurements and integrates them over time, providing an average noise exposure reading. This Type 1 monitor connects to the Internet over the mobile cell phone system and sends all its measurements to a web server. The Casella dBadge2 IS Pro is a personal noise dosimeter which provides real-time Octave Band frequency analysis, benefits from remote monitoring and can also be used in potentially explosive environments. HK:161C Sound Level Meter This Sound Level Hire Kit is purpose-designed for Noise at Work measurements. You can rent the Casella dBadge2 IS Pro Personal Noise Dosimeter from Ashtead Technology. Full shift noise measurement and exposure calculation, Detailed and daily noise at work assessment, Hand held meter for detailed measurements, Shoulder mounted dosimeters for daily noise exposure, For councils, housing associations and noise consultants. The Noise Pro DLX provides even more data per time history interval, intervals as fine as one second in duration and a host of additional programmable features. A portable noise monitor for environmental noise surveys, boundary noise, construction noise and general industrial noise surveys. Includes 3 dBadges, Sound Level Meter, Calibrator. Noise exposure in the workplace can be assessed using either a hand-held sound level meter or using a noise dosimeter mounted on the worker's shoulder. California State Certified Small Business The unit features a 1/4" field … Rental Includes: Quest NP-DLX, QC-10 Calibrator, Calibration Adapter, Wind Screen, Type-2 Microphone with Attached Microphone Clip, Loose Microphone Clip, Cover Plate, Calibration Certificate, NP-DLX User Manual, QC-10 User Manual, and Carry Case. Our easy to uselicense-free softwareis provided as standard, allowing you to quickly present your measurements in a professional manner and compliant reports. Measurement Range: 65-140 dB. Noise warning signs and displays for rental.