Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world. Hello Simanchal The main and Foremost important thing for poultry farming in India is selecting a suitable land. if you want to know more suggestion and advance. Both govt. Learn how your comment data is processed. My address is Biswajit Sar.kantapukur.Burdwan. So, good and high quality nutritious food is a must for commercial poultry production. You will appreciate the experience you will gather along the line. if you plan to raise broilers, we suggest you raise on ground, Cages: These are boxes you provide especially for keeping birds6. what breads would you recommend? Thank very much Roysfarm for the information shared. You can decide to produce your own feed using ingredients available in the market or purchase processed poultry feeds from the market. The chicken industry is one of the most successful sectors. Some diseases attack the poultry birds due to lack of sufficient amount of various types of minerals. Poultry health management is very fundamental for your business success. You can visit some existing farms in your area for having practical knowledge. rearding the poultry equipment , i think you have many choice . Vaccinate them timely and always try to provide them fresh water and food. You will need around 80000 to 100000 square feet space for raising about 20000 layer poultry in deep liter system. Poultry farming is a very delicate business and only those who understand the rules succeed. Egg tray: For handling of chicken eggs. Broiler poultry feed 4. If you are running a small poultry farm business e.g. 9832687780, Hi am Elmo and I want to start a poultry farming and i need help, cause what i see here beautiful ,, can you help me or give me the website that can help, Hello, am Edwin from edo state and this is my first time of attempt, in other word am new in the field, but is what I have so much love and passion for so I really need help,08163524117, I would like to start poultry farm in my country, thanks for the information. You should consider a farm site that is close to the market where you will sell your products. I want to start poyatri farm my contact no is 9032541009 You can raise broiler chickens for meat production purpose and choose layers if you want to produce eggs commercially. And most of the poultry birds are not costly enough to start raising. Don’t forget to write a poultry business plan that will guide your business decisions. In this poultry farming for beginners guide, our focus will be on fowl, but we all know it as Chicken. That is why I advise people to always write a poultry business plan which will guide them in the business. DON RAPH. We don’t know about any dog breed which will be suitable for your purpose. Take some time and try to understand why most of the poultry farmers make good profits and some of them fail. But it’s not a lazy man’s business. March 22, 2020 Mbazu Chibuzor Poultry Farming 28. However, the knowledge needed for looking after the birds in any number is generally the same, whether they are housed or free-range. Please stay tuned for more. Before starting, try to learn more about the business and visit some farms if possible. Make sure you watch the video till the end as it holds a lot of vital information for you. Mineral play a vital role in keeping the poultry birds healthy. And the suitable three systems are listed below. I want to start my own poultry but needs assistance here n there. any doubt, you can mail me .i am in poultry equipment more than 7 years, may be i can help you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about poultry farming. Procuring quality inputs. The extra 100 square feet space will serve as walkways and will allow proper lighting and ventilation in the house. Thanks for sharing this very important information. Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. Learn more about poultry diseases and poultry health management here. Poultry farming is a highly profitable business if you can run it properly under acceptable methods and conditions conducive for the birds. The duration of broiler rearing is getting shorter by one day every year. for 15000 boiler chicken how big area require kindly give me in Sqmt. Hello, how many layers i can raise in a 900 sq meter plot? There are numerous poultry feed producing companies available in India. You have entered an incorrect email address! You need just basic capital to start raising poultry. The area of the land depends on the number of birds and the arming system. So please I need your assistance. Selecting high quality productive breeds is very important for successful poultry farming in India. Following a poultry farming for beginners guide will help you a lot for setting up your new poultry farming business. i am starting a poultry business on 2000 sq ft of land + a cage of 10 x10 x10 sq ft with 1 cock+2 hens+ 30 chicks & hope to build up a total of 3-500 birds for sale of eggs & grown birds all surrounded by 3 ft ss netting & 10 ft above that of nylon net. Greetings ahead . Because most of the towns have high density population, and you have to target that market. this is so awesome and wonderful,keep going, Sir i am instred contract farming 9079661660, Which project is best for beginning, between broilers and layers, Myself soundarya shetty.