Read more: One-Pot Wonders: Vegan Quinoa, Broccoli, and Kale Curry. | Privacy Policy. Remove from pan immediately to cool. I didn’t have lemon pepper so I zested the lemon peel before I juiced the lemons and sprinkled some pepitas on top before serving. Removing it from the pot and adding it back at the end ensures that it stays crisp and crunchy. This can be eaten immediately and also tastes great chilled-- and if you put it covered, in the fridge for a little while to chill, the flavor’s will also mingle and increase. Stir immediately until combined (STEP 7). It’s a great base recipe and extremely versatile to fit your needs/tastes. Tag @thesimpleveganista on Instagram and hashtag it #thesimpleveganista. Very delicious, I just want to make it again, I added broccoli, red cappo, pepitos and pine nuts. Oh except that you can prepare this without the added olive oil for an even lighter meal with even fewer calories for the same great taste! Quinoa is warm comfort food in the winter—and makes cool, comfort food in the summer. A perfect accompaniment for turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. These vegan quinoa recipes utilize this healthy, trendy grain. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. will definitely make this again! This was delicious – our first foray with kale, thank you for helping make it a success! Just exactly what we had in the fridge in this quarantine. *Nutrition shown for recipe using oil, see blog for nutrition facts without oil. Julienne the kale and give a good rough chop. Add kale, season with salt and pepper, and cook, stirring, until kale is very soft, about 3 minutes. Eating this right now, delicious. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon coconut oil 1 yellow onion 3 carrots 3 celery stalks 4 cloves garlic 1 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric 2 teaspoon salt, plus more to taste 1 cup red lentils 1/2 cup dry quinoa … Add pine nuts and toss to combine. This recipe makes 4 (1-cup) servings. Get these ingredients for curbside pickup or delivery! This Kale Quinoa side dish is really easy to experiment with or add to. Add chopped garlic and cook, stirring, until garlic turns soft and golden, about 5 minutes. OK, I did it — and I think it actually worked! Uncover and remove from heat. Cook the quinoa on the stovetop or use this Instant Pot Quinoa recipe for ease. Some comments may be held for manual review. This will help massage and soften the kale a bit, reducing it’s bitterness. i love when i find great recipes that i can make just using things i already have in the house. Kale: While your quinoa is cooking, place the chopped kale in a medium size bowl or on a chopping board, drizzle with the juice of one lemon and mix occasionally. Add some baked tofu or roasted chickpeas, or enjoy it as a side dish to your favorite, Experiment with spices or herbs! Add the remaining oil to the same pot, and return to medium-high heat until shimmering. Kale can be tough and bitter, massaging kale before using it will help soften and reduce the bitterness, making it a little easier to eat. Stir in fresh herbs or use them to top individual servings. We may earn a commission on purchases, as described in our affiliate policy. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 5 – 6 days. Add the broth, and adjust the heat to maintain an active boil for exactly 9 minutes. Yum. Place olive oil in a small bowl and mix the cumin, turmeric, paprika, red pepper flakes (optional), ½ tsp minced garlic and a pinch of salt into the olive oil, set aside to marinate. Season with salt to taste. Haven’t tried it. Thank you for sharing this. Makes 5 servings (approximately 1/2 cup each), Dressing: (2 tbsp added 48 calories/ serving), small pinch of red pepper flakes (optional), 2 tsp minced garlic, plus ½ tsp for oil dressing (you may want to add more garlic if you’re a garlic lover! Assemble: Once quinoa is done, combine the prepped veggies and kale, along with lemon pepper and salt to taste. Might I also add, this kale and quinoa salad is anti-aging, anti-fattening and a mood enhancing salad. I made this for supper tonight and both my husband and I thought it was fantastic! SUBSCRIBE TO RECEIVE 6 TIPS FOR STARTING A PLANT-BASED DIET. Recipes like Quinoa Salad with Oranges, Beets & Pomegranates and Vegan Buddha Bowl are nutritious, tasty and make the most of a delicious grain. Meanwhile (while waiting for quinoa to cook), in a small or medium dry skillet over medium heat, add the raw pine nuts. Remove from heat. For a little crunch, add a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds overtop. If you don’t have vegetable stock/broth on hand, you can use water. Add the onion and a pinch of salt and cook, stirring, until softened, about 4 minutes. I threw in sunflower seeds and a drizzle of sunflower oil. In a large skillet over medium heat, heat oil. SHOP     SUBSCRIBE   |   RECIPE INDEX, © 2019 THE SIMPLE VEGANISTA | A VEGAN FOOD BLOG. Try adding sautéed mushrooms or roasted red peppers, veggie sausage, or chopped sun dried tomatoes. Stir in quinoa, nutritional yeast wine and season to taste. This is a salad you can eat with a spoon! It's really delicious! Add pine nuts and toss to combine. To the pot of cooked quinoa, add the chopped kale (the hot quinoa will wilt the kale), lemon juice and pine nuts. Garlic and kale are sauteed with quinoa and sesame oil for a quick and easy side dish. Hi! Once the quinoa is ready, add the kale, bell pepper, carrots, onion, and cucumber with the quinoa. Add chopped parsley. Note: the hot quinoa will wilt the kale. Add quinoa. Vegan quinoa kale casserole. Add garlic and cook, stirring, until fragrant and starting to brown, about a minute. Uncover and remove from heat. Thank you! LEMON CHICKPEA ORZO SOUP (VEGAN AVGOLEMONO). Stir in fresh herbs or use them to top individual servings. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat slightly, cover and simmer 14-15 minutes, or until water is absorbed (STEP 3). Season with salt to taste. Stir in the kale … Quinoa is a great whole grain that is high in fiber and protein. If you try this Simple Kale Quinoa, please let me know! Making this gluten-free grain the star of any meal is easy as it can be cooked quickly. I just wanted to say that this salad recipe was one of the best I have ever tried, It is amazing!!! To make this kale quinoa recipe- in a medium saucepan, first melt the vegan butter (or olive oil) over medium heat. After Step 4, sprinkle sparingly, mixing and tasting, the dry spice mix over combined quinoa, chickpea and vegetable bowl until the flavor suits you., Black Bean and Zucchini Tortilla Casserole. Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah”) has become one of the world’s favorite foods in the last decade (and for the past 5000 years in some cultures) for good reason. 8 Comments Categories: 1 Hour or Less, 30 Minutes or Less, Appetizer + Snack, Chickpea, Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes, Entree, Fall, Gluten-Free, Grain Free, Healthy Vegan Salad Recipes, Heart Healthy, Kale, Low-Fat, Meal Prep, Oil-Free, One Bowl (Or Pot), Quick + Easy Vegan Recipes, Quick + Easy Vegan Weeknight Dinners, Quinoa, Quinoa Salads, Refined Sugar Free, Savory, Side, Snacks, Soy-Free, Spring, Summer, Tree Nut-Free, Vegan Recipes, Well-Balanced, Winter.