Fig.1.Construction Flow in Building Construction( Image Courtesy: Quantumci). Finishing touches are added, such as cleaning the windows, floors, baths, kitchen, and so on. Cabinets, shelves and kitchen can be done using a variety of materials which are currently available in the market such as Wood, Multi-Wood, MDF, Plywood, ACP, Stainless steel..etc. Later in this phase, you'll see carpeting and your yard is finish-graded, seeded or sodded. Traditionally, doors and windows of woods are used. The contractor and the owner must agree to contract based on which the project is implemented. Visit your friends, talk to neighbours about pros and cons of their property and what they would like to improve. Footing Matt and Column Shuttering work 7. Become VIP Member. Now pour the concrete as per drawing specs. The cost calculated include: Based on the estimated cost, either a bidding process is performed or the project to handover to a known contractor. Estimation of material cost, labor cost & contingencies. Thank you for your submission, I will be contacting you shortly. Block wall construction: Concrete block is laid to create your new home's foundation. All rights reserved. Talk through design goals and then fix an Architect, he will draw up schematics for consideration coupling functionality, room-by-room layouts, finding the best furniture positioning and use of space. How to Properly Splice Column Reinforcement as per Indian Standards? Basement Column RCC laying work 11. Foundation-- A foundation is the lower portion of building a structure that transfers its gravity loads to the earth. Footing Matt & Column ReinforcementSteel fabrication& erection work 6. PCC Laying work Footing 5. Location. Basement 230mm brick laying work 19. Ground floor brick work Up to lintel level 41. 2. Please complete the form and I'll talk to you soon. Can this type of brick bond be used for bearing walls? Ground floor Roof Slab Electrical pipe laying work 34. VIP members get additional benefits. Verify with local authority office like Panchayath/municipality/Corporation whether there is any objection in building a house in that specific plot with respect to the survey no of your said plot. The steps involved in building construction are explained in this article. Regional selection allows our system to serve the correct data around the focus of your needs. Masonry work is carried out with cement mortar. Formworks are placed in the foundation trenches and reinforcement is placed based on the foundation detailing design prepared in the planning stage. Approval of drawings from City Development Authority. At this stage, one can apply for completion certificate from the respective authorities. Marking 2. Ground floor Lintel De-shuttering work 45. PHASE 1: Foundation. Approval of drawings from City Development Authority. Ut enim ad minim veniam, Before starting a building construction, the owner must make sure that one has necessary permits taken to start the construction… This article covers basic stages/steps of new building construction and designing. Residential Building Step by Step Construction Work. In case of wooden doors & windows, frames are fixed in walls during masonry work. Roof slab of building is poured after completion of masonry works. quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo Here are some important sequential steps using which you may plan your housing project in a better way and efficiently. Ground floor Inner wall plastering work 51. Steel and aluminum doors are fixed after completion of paint work. Lost your password? Insulation is installed in the walls, and drywall is staged in each room for future installation. It is better plaster the external walls rather than pointing. Construction begins with home site excavation. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues. There are patches where excavated depth slightly exceeds and vice versa. Preparation of site layout as per drawing. After completion of construction Architect/Licensee will have to apply for a completion certificate in the prescribed format along with completed building drawings to the Issuing Authorities.