I have been following this and like the comments even though it got off the subject for awhile. Some years ago I read that bees are declining. Be sure to wash down your roses after applying any kind of home remedial spray to them. Next time it might kill me? I got the nematodes from Garden's Alive. Armed with information (as a new Master Gardener), treated them with Bt. It only works on worms, caterpillars. Use a combination of the methods outlined above to get rid of sawfly larvae on your roses. The sawfly larvae LOOK like caterpillars to the uneducated eye but they are not. Handpicking may be the only control measure you need to control light infestations. I have had dengue 2xs and still healthy as a horse. Ditch the chemicals for a naturally beautiful lawn and garden, using living fertilizers and other nontoxic treatments, Improve your soil and yard the organic way with a valuable garden booster that grows on trees, As summer winds down, take these steps to get your home and family organized for fall, Highlights from the week include great advice for a clean, organized and happy 2015, Quit shelling out for pricey substitutes that aren’t even as good. I have citronella planted everywhere. I'd like to help her find a solution to this problem. These tracts are in some cases larger than actual States. Rose slug, a sawfly larva (Hymenoptera), and feeding damage on upper leaf surface of rose (Rosa) leaves Damage to rose leaves ( Rosa ) caused by the feeding of sawfly larvae (Hymenoptera). Al. BtK will not work on sawfly larvae. Other wise it is pretty wild around here. Do sawfly larvae curl up inside a rolled up, stuck together leaf or is this something else? But it does work! In the tradition of the world’s great dynasties, centuries of breeding and pampering have established roses (Rosa spp.) Sawfly larvae resemble a caterpillar but are actually the larvae of the sawfly, a wasp-like flying insect. Paper Wasps love them and will patrol the Roses daily and gobble them up before they do any real damage, for future reference. Do they look like really little green caterpillars, or is that another pest? The females have a saw-like blade at the tip of the abdomen that is used to cut slits into plant tissue into which they deposit eggs. I get Mosquitos bites every day. Read this link below It's worth the time and very informative http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colony_collapse_disorder Really there are alternatives. It needs to be fresh every year. Under control now I better mention. This picture was taken pre-squish. Spending just a few minutes a day on each rose bush checking and squishing is an effective and organic method of control. And caves full of the last Little Brown Bats. Baking soda and water mixture is a common home solution to mild black spot infestation but more effective fungicides are available in the market. Instead, keep them in an outdoor location in a galvanized steel garbage can with a galvanized steel lid. Thanks. Of course, I had to re-apply them the next year to increase the population but it was great. Otherwise, spray the underside of the roses weekly with neem oil. Garlic is a natural insect repellent, as it emits a strong odor that insects and small rodents cannot tolerate. West Nile ,dengue fever ,yellow fever ,new twisted flues ,aids etc... Who would have guessed this west Nile would have spred so fast? Take some natural Ivory liquid soap and mix it with water, 1 tsp soap to 6 oz of water. Both are the larvae of plant feeding wasps known as sawflies. Here I build an Eco friendly home and should have built bee hives to help save the world.LOL Fact is. Kimm - How do you apply BTK, and where can one get it? You have to inspect your roses often to keep them under control. Preferably own-root. BtK is specific to true caterpillars. Is there an organic remedy that will kill them on contact? Rose slugs look like caterpillars or even miniature slugs, hence their name. Leaves can look almost white from the removal of the upper leaf surface. We are all hoping that the extreme cold also killed some other invasive species like the Emerald Ash Borer beetle---killing ash and maple trees and so far found as far North as West Point. Global warming is nothing GMO foods is crap , but I'm sure that loaf of white bread i bought is made of it. They exist. A sawfly is a primitive wasp-like insect. Rose Slug Control: How to Get Rid of Rose Slugs. One of the most common "failures" of BtK about which we receive calls are from people who misidentify sawfly larvae (wasp larvae) as true caterpillars. Other Rose Bush Diseases and Remedies Powdery Mildew They are dying at a fast rate! No standing water anywhere.