I think Sealy needs to improve their memory foam material a little bit, but that have a decent product. Though you may not be well aware of the reasons there is a difference in between two look alike mattresses, there are lots of them which makes them vary in their rates element declaring the very same advantages. This Queen bed is just what I needed to get better sleep! I found there was almost zero motion transfer, so it's great if you're looking to not disturb someone else in the bed. As a single 40kg women with a disability, I am beyond upset. Early in this cut I accidentally punctured the inner plastic, so I decided it was just easier (and safer…) to tear the outer plastic by hand. Love the adjustable base. © 2020 Best Buy. My wife found it was a little less firm than our previous mattress. After 2 months of use me & wife are developing lower back pain and feeling springs. But problem did not go away, two weeks later called Sealy again they said they can not do anything. Sealy mattress is one of the oldest mattresses in the game. Its amazing and some of the best sleep. It doesn’t feel like I’m sinking into a super soft cloud. I mentioned it above, but the movement isolation is another definite improvement. It's also nice and cool (without being cold) compared to other mattresses, which is a big plus for me. There is absolutely no side support, so be careful of that. Can you please reply via private message with your full name and contact number so we may inves... Read more. Are you losing your snooze time owing to the lack of relief used by your mattress? What has replaced it. Apart from the type, comfort, and features that mattresses bring forward for you likewise require to have a peep into your pockets. I purchased the Sealy Queen Valencia mattress from Harvey Norman with assistance from Virginia at the local store.Have had very comfortable sleep each night, and do not wake with a sore back. cts locally across the country! It was a quick and very easy process with Donna from Customer Care and I received a resolution reply within hours. Climbing into bed is a little different due to the foam having a different type of compression than your typical mattress. This bed is surprisingly awesome. David Jones were fabulous and Adele in Perth so knowledgeable that we were very excited to receive the bed. Initially I wasn’t particularly taken with the mattress. Very pleased with my purchase. This bed is super soft and comfy AND AFFORDABLE. Any advice as I can’t sleep many more nights in this bed as I may as well be on the pavement :(. I have lower back pain and I was curious if a new mattress might help. we are not heavy peoples I am around 80kgs and wife is around 50kg. Great zip off cover. My wife had been suffering sore shoulders and hips from our old bed(not a Sealy). Beds are extremely comfortable as expected. Here are a few main mattress types for you to search for the very best fit: • Memory Foam It doesn’t require a box spring, so we purchased a tall 18-inch base with 16 inches of clearance. The more time goes on, the more comfortable it’s become. In my experiences over many the years I have had to return a large number of products, but never have I received such wonderful service. While that was quite noticeable, even more noticeable was how little other parts of the bed move when you do. Worked for a couple of months, then started to form depressions around where our bodies lay (just like old mattress I had to throw out did) and hip and back problems came straight back. Silence. I remembered the person in David Jones saying it wo...Read more. so far so good! It didn’t feel like my old mattress where, in the act of laying in it, you create a well that pulls anything around you down into it. They will not confirm with proof that in fact I have received the Firm instead of the Deluxe Plush. The entire experience with a mattress in a box was wonderful compared to scheduling a delivery and installation with people tracking around our home. The memory foam adds extra resistance to your movements. Was advised by Sealy I need a 160kg person to sleep on it to soften. we are not heavy peoples I am around 80kgs and wife is around 50kg. We bought Seal Harmony Firm Queen size Mattress from Snooze in May 2020. A couple of other elements such as body weight, size, and physique might stand as additional deciding aspects for buying choice. message with your name, best contact number and unique customer care number (found on the law tag of your mattress), so we may escalate your concerns? So it would be better that you set a budget for the purchase, and additional move out to buy a mattress that can satisfy your sleeping requirements in your budget plan. We are thrilled that you love your new Sealy Exquisite!Best wishes,Sealy of Australia, Worst sleep of my life now for 6 weeks! First thing I noticed about this mattress was that it was shipped in a box to my front door. In my opinion this product should not have made to market it is risk to the individuals health. Really loved the Whitehall Sealy Posturepedic mattress! The mattress only feels soft in the middle when I’m at zero g position as it’s bent. The call centre had poor service and zero empathy -...Read more. Purchased 2017, 3 years later all the springs had rusted out. I found it comfortable right away. The manual makes note of this, and claims it is harmless, but sensitive sleepers may want to have a backup sleeping location ready, just in case. The instructions say it may take up to 48 hours to completely recover to the original size, but it was done by the time I completely removed the plastic bag. My shoulders don’t even sink in a tiny tiny bit ? Mattresses do require some substantial amount of financial investment; hence, at the really initial step, you require to determine whether you are actually in need of a new one. How is this going to ever soften ? It is suggested to wait a day or two for the mattress to fully recover and to air out, but I did not notice any smell, and gave it just under a day. Perfect for a holiday unit and more comfortable than our beds at home! We are delighted you had such a positive experience and wish you many more night's of restful sleep!Best wishes,Sealy of Australia, I have recently purchased a Sealy Exquisite Flex Queensize Mattress and absolutely love it.