to begin to understand this new forum for discussion. Content analysis, regardless of whether it is qualitative or quantitative, has been described as requiring development of a codebook, which is used to guide coding of content (Krippendorf, 2013; Schreier, 2012). Therefore, the decision was made to set the initial cutoff at 2007 with a final cutoff of 2013, which was the last full year before the review was conducted in 2014. The holistic approach is organised into the following sections: This handbook is the single most comprehensive resource for any scholar or graduate student embarking on a social media project. Researchers might not have the time or resources to sort through thousands of results to find articles matching inclusion criteria for articles. This question was answered by presenting a series of trend summaries including publication count by year and type of social media, countries that produced the majority of the research, most common journals where the studies were published, and a breakdown of research approaches used across the qualitative and mixed methods research studies included in this review. most effective online marketing campaigns, demographic data for each social channel in 2016, 36% decrease in body shaming comments on Twitter, 168,000 mentions with the hashtag in a year, Returns results from independent environments. Social media research is constantly evolving, with researchers developing new methodologies and techniques  to understand the way audiences use social media channels, their behaviors and conversations on those channels. Formulate a marketing strategy that can capitalize on the positive feedback and pivot against the negative feedback. Six of them were structured with the sequential combination of interviews or focus groups conducted first with quantitative surveys conducted afterward. Research approaches had already been tagged on the articles in Mendeley during the first round of review, so the NVivo coding was cross-checked with the Mendeley tags to verify consistency. Market research strategies vary depending on research goals, but it’s a good overall approach to cast a wide net and then build a quantitative data strategy with social listening tools. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political an... A Commentary on Social Media Research From the Perspective of a Sport Communication Journal Editor. The holistic approach is organised into the following sections: Conceptualising & Designing Social Media Research. Discover the real world of business for best practices and professional success. Multi-method analysis of transparency in social media practices: Survey, interviews and content analysis, The role of Facebook in romantic relationship development: An exploration of Knapp’s relational stage model, The impact of social media on medical professionalism: A systematic qualitative review of challenges and opportunities, Mobile computing devices in higher education: Student perspectives on learning with cellphones, smartphones & social media, Ethno-racial identity displays on Facebook, Online social networking by patients with diabetes: A qualitative evaluation of communication with Facebook, Describing mixed methods research: An alternative to typologies, Social media use by health care professionals and trainees: A scoping review, Mixed methods and systematic reviews: Examples and emerging issues, Mixed methods research: A research paradigm whose time has come, Toward a definition of mixed methods research. Every social media market research campaign has to have a clear goal in mind: Establishing a clear goal will help you plan and execute the way in which you attain your information.