They may witness abused animals or may need to help euthanize sick, injured, or unwanted animals. Their work may be physically or emotionally demanding. Some of a veterinary assistant’s duties include cleaning cages, washing animals, and feeding them. The job duties of a veterinary assistant are rather extensive, although they are not as technical as the duties of a veterinary technician. Veterinary assistants assume both clerical and clinical responsibilities. As mentioned before, the profession has a significant rise in open working positions to the point that some states struggle to find enough certified and trained assistants to fill in the blanks. The Approved Veterinary Assistant designation is recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Upon graduation from a NAVTA approved veterinary assistant program, a participant is eligible to sit for the Approved Veterinary Assistant examination. For example, a veterinary assistant earns less than a medical assistant (around $2000 less annually) and about $7000-8000 less than veterinary technicians per year. However, there has long existed a need to establish standards of competency and performance for individuals employed as veterinary assistants, the third member of the successful animal health-care … (Source: Yahoo!) Upon successful completion of the exam, the participant would be entitled to use the designation AVA and would … The FVMA is the only certifying entity in Florida for veterinary assistants. Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) All you need to know about getting certified as a CVA by the FVMA. Requirements include 600 hours of hands-on training, a California-based mentor veterinary technician or veterinarian and a 100-question certification exam. The Certified Veterinary Assistant program (CVA) is a learn-on-the-job vocational training experience that covers the basic fundamentals of veterinary medicine and animal care and handling. Although the majority of veterinary assistants work in clinics and animal hospitals, others are employed in laboratories, colleges, universities, and research facilities. What is the workplace of a Veterinary Assistant like? Through their Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) program, students are held to a much higher standard than the NATVA program. You see, veterinary medicine has a plethora of job titles for everyone on the team, so you may fall into one of these categories: veterinary assistant, technician assistant, kennel staff, animal husbandry, or even “weekend help.” Be assured, this article is for YOU, and here are some thoughts about the pros and cons of the work you do. The Certification ensures that veterinary assistants are efficient and competent in their duties through the establishment of standard levels of knowledge, practical experience, and skill. A veterinary assistant may also take animals outside for exercise. The clerical side includes customer service responsibilities, such as scheduling appointments, requesting pet records from other facilities and issuing customer bills. Certified Veterinary Assistant Well-established, high quality, formal educational programs exist to provide the education and training required by veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians.