Milsean – Gaelic for ‘sweet things’ – is extra-matured in heavily toasted Portuguese red wine casks. ‘When a consumer starts to look at the pack you don’t want the message to be too obvious. Whisky stones are widely represented on the market so the task was to create fine design to stand out among the competitors. The smart, astute, opinionated, independent s Read More. and how to design a new Scotch whisky bottle, both by Ian Wisniewski. There’s another way of gauging the success of packaging, and specifically whether a line-extension or limited edition combines a sense of individuality, while also being recognised as part of a familiar range. Get inspired and start planning the perfect whiskey packaging design today. However, various other details also need to be accommodated within the available space. Bohemia Whiskey - Packaging Design Bohemia is about a spirit within a spirit. ‘This is done by showing people various photos, with the brand present in some and absent in others. The whiskey Brand, encouraging to live with honor, loyalty and gallantry wanted to have those values appearing on the packaging box. ‘We kept the still-shaped neck of the bottle but made it a thicker set decanter style, in keeping with its premium price point. See more ideas about Whiskey packaging, Whiskey, Packaging. We present this range with that Bohemian spirit in mind. Published: October 23rd 2020. Can you imagine pouring a Scotch whisky that you love from a bottle that you don’t? Whisky, bourbon, spirits, packaging design, inspiration, Design: TOBAGO Designer: Saly Project Type: Concept Location: Grenoble, France Packaging Contents: Whisky Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle Printing Process: Offet And Stamping Understanding and expressing the codes and styles of expression of a high-end whiskey in seeking the trends of what world is done in the world of these alcohols. #design #packagingdesign #whisky #bowmore #singlemalt #woolfsung, Behance is the world's largest creative network for showcasing and discovering creative work. All Rights Reserved. Sep 24, 2015 - Whisky, whiskey, bourbon or scotch, and moonshine / white rhye as well! Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch Whisky would certainly do the trick. Special product needs special design. ‘The back label has to feature all the mandatory information, and there are a lot of mandatories, particularly for EU countries, which usually limits the amount of information we can include on the product,’ adds John Glaser, founder and whisky maker, Compass Box. The back label can follow up on this by providing more information. to help give you the best experience we can. Drinks specialist Whyte & Mackay revealed two new contemporary spirits brands at the TFWA World Exhibition; a new blended Scotch whisky and the company’s first premium gin. 7.4k. It needs to communicate a sense of the whisky’s credentials, that it’s an individual expression of the distiller’s craft. Copyright © 2020. If, as I hope, a TV channel begins broadcasting Scotch Whisky News at Ten, I wouldn’t have to worry as there’s always something new to talk about – particularly the latest releases, which provide us with ever more choice. Designed by Edmundson Martin. Our team of designer worked on the concept of "Live With Chivalry" to mirror the creative directions and extract all creative assets we could find our way. Chivas Regal 12  and 18 years old is undoubtedly an expression of unique tradition. Whether you prefer something lightly peated or a drink that punches you in the face with smoke. Having their favorite brands always perched in their offices with a few crystal glasses and a beautiful decanter, the whiskey lovers never say no to trying new whiskey. Instead you’re bound to get storytelling about history, bottling, ingredients so you’re getting sick of it. More specialised styles of Scotch whisky inevitably have a story to tell. With the graphic design and embossing technics, we manufacture a premium box that would ultimately sublimate the product itself. As soon as a release has sold out fans begin asking: ‘What’s next, and when?’. In the main time, we try to bring innovative packaging user experience that could follow those directions for 3D renderings.  It is one of the oldest spirits found, and one that has a unique style. A high-quality spirit made in the traditional method, but presented in a premium package for modern American consumers. We have selected 25 of our favorite Creative Whiskey Packages. The contents of a bottle are the reason for making a purchase, but how the bottle looks is also significant. If you wanted a malt from a particular distillery, the range might begin with the 12-year-old and culminate in the 21-year-old, with not much in between. A limited edition design based around the "the sport of kings." As so much depends on the success of the packaging, one way for brand owners to gauge what people think is to see what’s happening on social media. But the packaging also needs to converse that a limited edition or line extension belongs to an established range. ", "Suerte is a new breed of Tequila. Those of us who have reached a certain age remember how it used to be. Eye-catching design: Compass Box uses text to grab consumers’ attention. It needs to communicate a sense of the whisky… Custom whiskey Packaging. Limited editions are also a self-perpetuating phenomenon. We used Gold, silver or Cooper foil to simulate armor. Chivas Regal • Blended Scotch Whisky Packaging. ‘The key differences will stem from the product – each will be designed to fulfil a different consumer need, so an ongoing line extension may be a flavour characteristic which is amplified e.g. Whiskey has long been a popular drink for the rich and wealthy. With only a specified number of bottles released, there is an ultimate sense of exclusivity. In addition to being attractive, the packaging has a lot of work to do. The fine art of redesigning your product has to balance innovation with respect for heritage. It is encased in a wooden presentation box, which references the colour of the dark, grained wood of the original washbacks and the cut mark echoes the pencil mark distillers make round a cask.’.